SLUGS [52º29'55''N 13º21'23''E], 2021. 

SLUGS [52º29'55''N 13º21'23''E], 2021. Site-specific installation at Urban Nation Berlin.

SLUGS [52º29'55''N 13º21'23''E] consists of a living installation made out of the coffee waste collected during January lockdown in the Urban Nation Museum's surroundings. Artworks were created together with each Fresh A.I.R artist in residence at their flats. These artworks, called slugs because of their organic shapes, have grown inside the residents' apartments for approximately a week. They have grown isolated from the rest of the slugs, changing their form in a dialogue with the humans taking care of them and each flat's atmosphere. When they dried completely and froze their form, they came together in a common area, breaking their isolation and continuing their transformation in dialogue now with each other and the outside world.