17 copies of a rock, 2021.

17 copies of a rock, 2021. Site-specific installations at Victoria park, Gleisdreieck park and Teufelsberg forest, Berlin.

Fo 17 copies of a rock collected in Gleisdreieck Park, Berlin, were made out of the different organic waste of the area. They were then placed in different arrangements showing the process of degradation of the rock. The different copies were organized attending to their decomposition state, from freshest to eldest.

During the making process, the artists tried to incorporate non-dualist approaches that challenge the ontological divide between nature and culture, human and nonhuman; a divide argued to ground the faith in human exceptionalism. With this aim, they have been working together with air, water, mold, temperature, mycelium, and the different organic waste to create the pieces, letting go of the impulse of controlling the results and adopting the role of facilitators or teammates. The shapes of the pieces are also trying to break this human-nature division by being difficult to classify as human-made or nature-made